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Cost Comparison Table

The following table contains cost comparisons to have one college admission essay or personal statement edited, revised, and/or written by the top companies offering these services online.

Name of Essay Writing Service Edit/Revise
Client Essay
(1,000 words)
Develop Essay
From Scratch
(1,000 words)
Essay Writing Service A. $ 100 $ 150
Essay Writing Service B. $ 100 $ 180
Essay Writing Service C. $ 300 $ 575
Essay Writing Service D. $ 190 $ 380
Essay Writing Service E. $ 250 $ 400
Essay Writing Service F. $ 289 $ 729
Essay Writing Service G. $ 250 $ 400
Essay Writing Service H. $ 599 $ 799
Essay Writing Service I. $ 120 $ 160


  1. The above services are listed in order of their traffic popularity ranking by at the time that this table was prepared. (i.e. highest to lowest).

  2. The costs posted were derived from those published on the Web site of each service at the time the survey was conducted. In some cases, rates had to be clarified through an exchange of e-mails.

  3. Costs shown are for the editing/revising and/or developing/writing of one 1,000 word essay only.

  4. The Column labelled "Edit/Revise Client Essay" assumes the use of the basic editing service offered plus one additional second edit, if not already included in the basic service. It is assumed that the client will submit an already drafted essay which the Service will edit, revise, and polish and make ready for final submission.

  5. The Column labelled "Develop Essay From Scratch" assumes Client use of a comprehensive "essay development and writing service" as provided by the Service company. The Client would provide basic data through a questionnaire or other means but would not submit a draft essay. The Service agency would gather all of the data from the Client and work with them through a number of review/editing phases to finalize an essay for submission.

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